Originally a Music Man, DJ & Music Producer for over a 20 years span.

Photography & Fine Art have always been in my life, but to be honest, I never knew it until very recently. 

Sometimes Life surprises us during our saddest times ... In the last quarter of 2015 I lost my Father, nothing was making sense, life itself was empty and meaningless, it was absolutely vague and made me feel a big void.

During that period and on one of the days, I felt the need of being productive again, surprisingly visual art was the answer, I had an old photoshop version on my secondary laptop which I rarely used, I opened it and I started doing some creative edits for my niece's photos (even though I had no graphic design skills whatsoever)

Day after day my designs started gaining some exposure and positive reaction, my family and my friends were giving me props and supporting me, even strangers, people I only met through Facebook were asking me if I could manipulate their photos ... But after a while, I started feeling like I've had enough of working on photos that I didn't shoot myself, I felt the need of editing my own photos, my own clicks, so I bought my first professional DSLR on Christmas 2015, and then it was where my whole life changed ...

This is my story, I'm a simple self taught man living life through Musical & Visual Artistry.


Welcome To My Gallery :)