Happily Ever After

Wedding day, Each & every girl's dream ...

Wedding Photography for me goes beyond the ceremony, beyond the cocktail and the party.

It's a once in a lifetime moment that is supposed to last forever.

Therefore I highly believe that the outcome of wedding photography has to be Timeless.

Every time I get to asked whether I am available for wedding shoots, my choice and answer is to only do the Pre-Wedding Photoshoots.

In my opinion the Pre-Wedding shoots are more relaxing for the wedded couple and stress free from the loudness of the ceremony & especially from the crowd & families surrounding.

Pre-Wedding shoots can be executed freely, & can have a higher level of artistry ... I am not saying that the actual Wedding day shoots do not have the needed artistry, on the very contrary there are photographers who are Legends in their field and their level of professionalism and their vision is highly artistic, But here this is my opinion, I believe in Pre-Wedding shoots to have the Ultimate concentration & especially the freedom to "create" the moment ...

Yes we all do love spontaneous moments & spontaneous shots that go Timeless, this is absolutely true ... But this Ain't the case every time ... 

My advice to you, when you heavily invest on your special day, do not forget your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, from this you will get those Timeless Photos that will be hung on the walls of your love nest .


Vision ...

Many art lovers & photographers insist on believing that a photo is only made inside the camera, and most of them as well disagree on manipulating or let me say spicing up whatever the camera creates from the light it's receiving.

I wanna say to all of those, will all due respect and modesty : YOU ARE WRONG ...

For me Photography is more than just sticking to whatever the camera comes up with, it's an expansion to whatever is on my mind ... Nowadays so many tools are able to help us expand whats on our minds ... Computers, softwares, many techniques ... you name it.

I highly Believe that a photograph is made 50% in the camera & 50% through whatever means of editing we have ... We need to imagine before creating, and when we imagine something, that means it still doesn't exist, or even it does exist, but not the way we see it ...

Yes I know some people over do it and abuse it, But each to his own, it's called a vision, and the beauty of it is that each one of us has his own vision, he either succeeds with delivering the message, or fails.

My point here is, use your imagination, use what's on your mind, visualize it and apply it, Take your photo, Edit it, and yeah why not, spice it up from time to time, no harm in adding and subtracting elements, as long as you're happy with it, there will always be someone who will absorb your imagination and vision.

Never Be Afraid to Create ...



Hope ...

Infuse your life with action.

Don't wait for it to happen.

Make it happen.

Make your own future.

Make your own hope.

Make your own love.

And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

Bradley Whitford


Creative Edits


This is obviously my first Blog post here, I'd like to start sharing with you some my views and some of my creative edits that I enjoy creating.

Like this photo below that I have created for my beloved niece.

U will be hearing from me here constantly in god's will, and i will share with you few stories and some visual art that I enjoy creating.