Happily Ever After

Wedding day, Each & every girl's dream ...

Wedding Photography for me goes beyond the ceremony, beyond the cocktail and the party.

It's a once in a lifetime moment that is supposed to last forever.

Therefore I highly believe that the outcome of wedding photography has to be Timeless.

Every time I get to asked whether I am available for wedding shoots, my choice and answer is to only do the Pre-Wedding Photoshoots.

In my opinion the Pre-Wedding shoots are more relaxing for the wedded couple and stress free from the loudness of the ceremony & especially from the crowd & families surrounding.

Pre-Wedding shoots can be executed freely, & can have a higher level of artistry ... I am not saying that the actual Wedding day shoots do not have the needed artistry, on the very contrary there are photographers who are Legends in their field and their level of professionalism and their vision is highly artistic, But here this is my opinion, I believe in Pre-Wedding shoots to have the Ultimate concentration & especially the freedom to "create" the moment ...

Yes we all do love spontaneous moments & spontaneous shots that go Timeless, this is absolutely true ... But this Ain't the case every time ... 

My advice to you, when you heavily invest on your special day, do not forget your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, from this you will get those Timeless Photos that will be hung on the walls of your love nest .